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IAPS / - The following is a list of our courses. You can click on titles below to watch a video without enrolling in a course.

Law Enforcement Training Videos

Crash Scene Physics

Determining Speed

Crash Scene Analysis

Friction in Collision Investigations

Train Collision Investigation

Fatal Fire-Related Collisions

Vehicle Mechanical Inspections

Restraint Systems Analysis

Point of Domination

rash Scene Documentation

Interview Techniques

Photographing Collisions

Investigating Vehicular Homicide

Basic Defensive Blocking

Basic Strikes

Joint Locks and Hold

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Basic Clinch Fighting

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Basic Throwing Techniques

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Advanced Strikes

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Introduction to Defensive Tactics

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Investigative Photography

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Investigative Scene Documentation

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Introduction to Explosives

Improvised Explosive Devices

Incendiary Devices

Explosion Effects

Explosion Investigations

Terrorism & Criminal Extremists

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Bomb Incident Management

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Law Enforcement BasicsEdit summary

Forensic Training Videos

Forensic Lamp Examination

Death Investigations

Cause & Manner of Death

Wound Identification

Forensic Geology

Latent Fingerprint Evidence

Skin Deformation

Latent Print Development

Crime Scene Management

Crime Scene DNA

Biological Evidence Search

Collecting Known DNA Samples

Introduction to DNA

DNA Collection Management

DNA Applications

Forensic Serology

Forensic Case Reports

CODIS & DNA Databases

Evidence Collection

Electrostatic Lifter

Forensic Photography I

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Forensic Photography II

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Fire and Rescue Training Videos

Fire Fighter I

Fire Fighter II

Fire Investigation

Roles and Responsibilities

Fire Scene Management

Arson Investigation

Arson Motives and Indicators

Legal Aspects in Fire Investigation

Curriculum Vitae

Fire Investigator Qualifications
Forcible Entry

Roof Ventilation

Rescue Technique

RIC Classroom Training

RIC SCBA Profile

RIC Techniques

Hazardous Materials Response

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Fire-Related Death Investigations

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Fire-Related Death Scenarios

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