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Vehicle Fire Class
by IAPS Admin - Sunday, January 10, 2010, 04:49 AM
Vehicle Fire Class

IAPS recently traveled to Santa Clara, California to record a training event taught by International Academy of Public Safety Instructor, Russ Auker, and several guest instructors. Mr. Auker is a retired Battalion Chief and certified fire investigator from the Folsom City Fire Department.

The three-day training session was held at the Santa Clara Fire Department Training Facility. Class attendees were investigators from the public safety community, insurance fraud sector, forensic lab technicians, and several attorneys. The class topics included investigating vehicle fires in addition to practical demonstrations.

The class demonstrated how vehicle fires can originate. Mr. Auker, and his team of instructors, burned a series of vehicles, prior to the class, to simulate a variety of accidental and intentional fire scenarios. The following day, the class was divided into teams and each team was assigned a specific vehicle. The assignment was to determine the origin and cause of each fire. This kind of practical, hands-on experience is an invaluable asset and learning tool for investigators to determine origin and cause. Additionally, the class included procedures used by Mr. Auker, who is one of the foremost car fire investigators in the United States. He uses engine parts and electrical systems to rule in or out mechanical or electrical failures.

IAPS recorded several hours of this amazing footage, which will be used in various training courses through the Fire & Rescue TV, as well as IAPS websites. Look for these courses in 2010.